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The Sisters of Mercy founded St. Michael’s Hospital in 1876 with a bed complement of 40 beds. It has a long tradition of service to the community and has established a strong reputation for a high standard of

patient care. The Hospital was extended in the 1930’s and the rustic brickwork was completed in 1940. The Religious Sisters of Mercy governed the hospital until 2001 when transfer of ownership was passed to the Religious Sisters of Charity.

In March 2002 St. Michael’s Hospital was incorporated with St. Vincent’s University Hospital and later with St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, thus forming in 2003 the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group under the governance of the Board of Directors. Each hospital has a separate management team and a hospital manager who reports to the group CEO.

Facilities are provided for Pathological and Radiological services, Outpatient clinics, acute medical and surgical in-patients and an 8am – 8pm Emergency Department service. A range of general and specialist’s services, which include a Cardiac Rehabilitation programme and Heart Failure Clinic are provided. St. Michael’s Hospital is the regional training centre for Pulmonary Rehabilitation Care.

The Department of Nursing is dedicated to the provision of high quality patient-focused care and a Nursing Degree programme in association with the University College Dublin (UCD) is now being delivered preceded by Diploma (RCSI) and Certificate courses for student nurses.

Today St. Michael’s Hospital provides a comprehensive service not alone to the local community but also to a much larger catchment area consisting of a large part of South County Dublin and County Wicklow. Our patients are referred from the family General Practitioner or through the Emergency Department.

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