Emergency Department

Heads of Department

Lead Emergency Department Clinician: Mr Nigel Salter


Priority is given to patients with life threatening injuries or illnesses. Patients may arrive by ambulance or may self present. Patients will also be referred by their general practitioners.

On arrival a receptionist is on duty to greet the patient and collect essential registration details so that a set of medical records can be prepared. Details will include particulars such as name, date of birth, address, General Practitioner’s contact phone number, PPS number. Previous charts and records can be retrieved. Patients are then assessed and triaged by a nurse and given a priority rating which will determine the urgency with which they will be seen. Staff make every effort to keep patients and their families or friends updated with information on waiting times. Once seen by a doctor there may be a further wait for diagnostic tests such as blood tests or x-rays if required.The Emergency Department at St Michael’s Hospital caters for patients over the age of 14 years.

Contact Details

Lead   Clinician


The Emergency Department is Located at the front of the Hospital on Lower Georges Street

Monday – Sunday (Every Day)
8.00am   – 8.00pm

Audit/research is carried out. Staff attend International and European Conferences. In house medical and surgical teams are available for consultation, as are radiological and laboratory services.

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